I’m Stephen Caver. A designer & developer in Austin, TX. I build websites.

Crafting the Web

Whatever the craft demands, that’s what I desire to do. I build websites. That means writing, it means architecting, coding, and it has always meant design.

The craft of the web is knowing, doing, and loving all these things and putting the user experience first.

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My Work

Over my decade-plus career I've produced industry-leading work for many clients including national consumer and media brands, major universities, e-commerce and start‑ups.


I’ve been building websites since the days of table-based layouts—I actually started in grade school—through the dark days of IE6 and Flash-only sites, Zeldman and the Web Standards revolution and the emergence of Responsive Design and the JavaScript renaissance.

But the web is constantly changing, and I work to keep my skills current. My skillset includes web and ui-design, strategy, and user experience—whether it be a single page or a whole design system—as well as web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The web evolves at lightning speed, now more than ever, but my goal is to always bring a dedication to quality, and a drive to continue growing.

My Background

Able Lending

Senior Front-End Developer

I worked for Austin start-up Able Lending as a Senior Front-end Developer. During my time with Able Lending we overhauled the company branding and illustrative style, and worked continuously to improve the core product. I also served as a designer, re-working UX and UI as the companies priorities evolved.

Happy Cog

Designer & Developer

During my eight years working with Happy Cog, an industry-leading web studio, I served as both a designer and developer. At Happy Cog all employees are expected to wear many different hats; I was involved in every aspect of projects, from content strategy to design and development, for some of the most recognizable brands in the country.

Art Institute of California—Orange County

B.S. Interactive Media Design

While attending the Art Institute of Orange County I learned the basics of design, art, film, photography, and web development. Not satisfied with the state of web development at the time, I pushed my own instructors to explore emerging web standards.


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